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BEDOL: that tap water does what?!

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Bedol water clock

Unlike most clocks that are run by batteries or are plugged into an electric outlet in your home, these BEDOL line of clocks are run by simple tap water. This environmentally sustainable wall clock is the perfect addition to the home of those who would like to help in the reduction of the worlds eco-footprint. Found on the companies website, the clocks come in 4 different colors (blue, gold, gray, teal) and are priced at $89.00. By the way, i forgot to mention that they run a minimum of 6 months (yet up to 1 year) on a single filling of tap water! #WHOA (Sooo….. will cars be next?)

“This unique clock saves money and reduces the user’s carbon footprint by using a renewable resource that makes the need for normal lithium-ion batteries a thing of the past. Powered by ions found in regular tap water, The Bedol Wall Water Clock easily keeps time thanks to two proprietary metal plates specifically designed for Bedol clocks. Once the plates encounter water, naturally occurring positive (+) and negative (–) ions generate enough electricity to keep the clock ticking. It’s that simple. It’s that clean.” – Bedol

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