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What Better Way to Watch a Movie This Summer?

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I want to JUMP right into this picture

I want to JUMP right into this picture


I was browsing the internet today and found this image. Instantly I decided that i WANT this, and i will MAKE THIS HAPPEN. My birthday is coming up on May 10th, but knowing that there is a very small chance of the weather being as warm as it needs to be for this night setting, i am going to post-pone this DIY low cost project to a predictably warmer date.

If you want to throw a party this summer, why not do it with a twist? Everything you see here can be found/ made at a low cost. The most cost expensive item will be the projector (if its not windy, you could even use a bed sheet instead of a screen).

I will take you step-by-step through MY VERSION of this picture perfect idea when it is time for it to take place this summer. All the items will be easy to find, cheap to buy, or even cheaper to make. So, if you want the DUMMIES version on where-to-buy-everything-necessary-to-make-this-happen-in-my-backyard-this-summer-without-spending-more-than-a-dollar, make sure to tune into my blog once the weather is nice and hot.


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