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Why yes, these blooms DO grow in the basement.

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As a nature lover, I wanted to add some greens to the decor in my basement (for the LONGEST time) – but I was having trouble finding plants that would (A) do well with minimal lighting, and (B) be plants that I would also adore  …  this was a problem until I went to the Canada Blooms 2014 garden show. I bought a Medinilla, whose elegance will transform even the simplest of rooms; a Crispy Wave Fern, that is a natural air purifier; and a Echeverua, also referred to as “the Pearl of Nurengerg”.

All three of these plants are going to live in my basement, and that is, on the opposite side of the wall that has the three windows. You cannot actually see light “on” the plants since they are a fair distance away from the windows, but they are doing just fine where they are. So what I am trying to say is that these plants are super easy to take care of, low maintenance, and do not need to be exposed in direct light: they will do just fine in mostly anyone’s basement (if your basement looks kind of like a freakishly dark cave = these plants will not grow, and.. you should really consider some renovations).

Under each is a description of how to care for the plant. Although what I do is I about every 7 to 11 days, I fill the sink with water and allow each plant to drink as much water as they like. That way I will never over water the plant, and cause harm to it. NEVER water from the top.

Hope you love these as much as I do!!!

PS: whoever said you could only have a cat OR a plant lied!!! (my up-to-no-good 2 year old Siamese cat impressively behaves around these plants)



Origin: Luzon, Philippines. Flowering period: two months. Care: let soil dry out between waterings. When the pot is light when lifted, water thoroughly (NEVER pour overhead, ALWAYS allow plant to DRINK from the bottom). Place plant in a bright location without direct sunlight between March and November. Other months as bright as possible. No plant food required while flowering.


Crispy Wave Fern

Crispy Wave Fern

This plant is scientifically proven to effectively convert C02 into oxygen and remove harmful particles from the air. Will grow endlessly if put in a bigger pot! Care: low to medium sunlight (I have three windows on the opposite side of the room where my plant stands, and it seems to be doing just wonderfully). Water weekly. Fertilize monthly. That’s it!



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